More Personnel Cuts Expected in Town of Mammoth

On September 1st, the Mammoth Town Council will debate plans to cut the new Town budget by some $1.2 million. mltc_7-20-10Council members had called for restructuring Town government, including staffing changes if needed. Sources close to Town government say that the staffing changes will likely include three top managers.

Sources had confirmed that six mid-level employees received thirty day lay-off notices earlier this month with 60 days of severance pay. The same sources said that Finance Director Brad Koehn and Human Resources/ Risk Management Director Michael Grossblatt would leave at the end of the year and that Assistant Town Manager Karen Johnston would step down to a lesser job in Town government.

We spoke to Brad Koehn who said only that he would refer me to the Town Manager. Grossblatt did not return our call. Karen Johnston said she could not confirm the statement that her job status would change. She indicated that these matters were discussed in closed session and that nothing was reported out. In Town Manager Rob Clark’s absence, Johnston had assumed the role as Acting Town Manager. Under that title, Johnston also declined to comment.

The earlier six mid-level employees slated for lay-off work in Community Development, Recreation, Finance and Engineering.

Mammoth Town Council members seem committed to change government – to spend less money and to thin out the government workforce considering the current economic trends.

Mayor Skip Harvey had earlier said of the Council’s work to shrink government, “Everybody knows what has to be done and we’re moving forward.”

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