“Future of Mammoth Lakes” Continues Quest to Straighten Out Government

A group of Mammoth people – business owners, lawyers, employees – got together before the election to examine Town


“Future of Mammoth Lakes” drew diverse citizens together before the election.

government. They call themselves The Future of Mammoth Lakes. Turns out the group did not just form to elect candidates. They will continue to hold meetings and focus on government for awhile longer.

John Vereuck of that group said that the Future of Mammoth Lakes group is supported by the majority of Town Council members. Each, he said, has expressed a desire to see the committee stay current and active.

Vereuck said the group met last week and agreed, along with Councilmen-Elect Matthew Lehman and Rick Wood, that the Town budget “must be transparent.” Vereuck said that “It should not take staff some three to five meetings to discuss the current budget; this demonstrates how cryptic and confusing the form of documentation and presentation are,” he said.

The group agreed that the budget should be “easy to read and understand.” Vereuck described the current Mammoth Town budget as a document “for the staff, by the staff.” He pointed out that this has caused a “tremendous level of mistrust on behalf of the community and council.”

The group has called for a budget that is “brief, concise and comprehensive.” The group, The Future of Mammoth Lakes, will plan to meet monthly with the next meeting in mid-July.

Meanwhile, tonight a special meeting of the Mammoth Town Council was scheduled to discuss budget policy decisions and to hold a continued public hearing to adopt a budget for next fiscal year. That meeting starts at 6pm in Suite Z.

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