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Inyo Supervisors: drought proclamation

At the heart of the Inyo Supervisors’ agenda today – a resolution that would officially declare a Local Drought Emergency. On the same note, the Water Department wants direction on how to work with the Department of Water and Power to develop drought plans. The drought proclamation is a three-page document listed as item 13 […]

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Air angst, archaeology and an appeal

With the discovery on the Owens Dry Lake of archaeological remains of Paiute Indians and a legal fight over more dry lake clean-up, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Air Pollution Control District remain at odds. There are other problems, too. The Los Angeles Times recently revealed that an area designated […]

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LADWP pulls leases under dry lake air monitors

They’re still doing it. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has, for decades, used its land ownership to manipulate life in the Owens Valley. The latest DWP maneuver cancels leases for land under three of the Air Pollution Control District’s Owens Dry Lake air monitors. LADWP doesn’t like what the air monitors are […]

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Contrails or chemtrails?

Some residents of the Bishop area have lately complained about jet airplane contrails in the sky and the belief that chemical products or some type of haze may hang in the Eastern Sierra skies as a result. The Air Pollution Control District looked into it. Andrea Pucci of Bishop contacted APCD Director Ted Schade to […]

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LADWP loses one in court

As we had reported, LADWP has refused to cooperate with the local Air Pollution Control District and its required assessment of the need for more dust clean-up at the Owens Dry Lake bed.  LADWP appealed the APCD requirements to the California Air Resources Board and then sued that Board for its required appeal process. That’s […]

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Woodstove, fireplace replacement program

Earlier this year, the Air Pollution Control District successfully negotiated with the Department of Water and Power to secure $5.6 million from Los Angeles to pay for clean air projects to offset some of the serious dust pollution from the Owens Dry Lake.  APCD also continues with dry lake clean-up enforcement against DWP, and one […]

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