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Layoff impacts up for discussion in Inyo

Inyo County government still has considerable money problems and has broached the subject of potential layoffs with employee bargaining groups. Today an item on the Board of Supervisors agenda speaks to layoff discussions and the layoff of three positions. Item 13 from Personnel asks the Board to give directions to initiate layoff discussions with employee […]

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Inyo’s search for control over energy development

With the issue of large-scale solar development on the front burner, the Inyo Supervisors and Administrator took a look back on Tuesday to show the public where the County has been when it comes to solar regulation. That took them to an ordinance called Title 21. That ordinance spells out how solar developers need to […]

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Inyo Sups 2013

LADWP will come to Inyo for solar talk

In early March, the Inyo Supervisors fretted over how to invite the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to come to a Board meeting to talk about their Solar Ranch project across from Manzanar. DWP has accepted, and someone will show up at the Board meeting on April 15th. During the March discussion over […]

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Officials discuss law enforcement contract

With ongoing concerns about budget shortfalls, the Bishop City Council has examined the City budget in a series of workshops. At one point, officials decided to at least look at the possibility of a law enforcement contract with the Inyo Sheriff. Sheriff Bill Lutze said an initial meeting did take place, and now he has […]

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Inyo County equity pay adjustments explained

In sixteen Inyo County government departments, employees started to receive in November what are called equity adjustment pay raises – anywhere from approximately 5% to 30%. These raises equal about $650,000 per year and had been written into the County budget for the past couple of years. Members of the public asked Sierra Wave Media […]

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Hope for the new year: government make-over

After last week’s workshop with budget consultant Dr. Frank Benest with the Inyo Supervisors, some 55 participants met again the next day at the Fairgrounds for more talk about service collaboration and, as Benest put it, “re-design of services.” This talk comes in the face of a $2 million budget shortfall next year and a […]

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Inyo Supervisors look to consultant to fix shortfall

This year, the Inyo Supervisors approved employee raises that will cost $1.8 million more next fiscal year and $4.5 million more the following year. Officials made these decisions with no revenue to back it up. Now, the Board of Supervisors looks to a consultant for answers. County Administrator Kevin Carunchio found a consultant with a […]

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Inyo Sups 2013

Inyo Supervisors: community grants, consultant’s advice

The Inyo Supervisors will start out their Tuesday meeting on a light note. The County Administrator will announce the winners of the Inyo County Offices Holiday Door Decorating contest and present awards and prizes. Then, it’s on to heavier matters like the County Services Year-In-Review presentation. The CAO and County Departments will review departmental highlights. […]

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Woefully inadequate animal shelter facilities will be replaced.

Plans for new animal shelter move along

The organization of ICARE has raised $20,000 more for a new Animal Shelter project. That means available money adds up to $545,000. The Inyo Supervisors asked Deputy Public Works Director Jim Tatum to go ahead with preparation of bid requests that would include two options – one shelter with space for people and one without. […]

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Elevated solar array at the Inyo County Jail

Inyo County solar project equals big savings

It started three years ago, and yesterday Inyo officials announced the completion of what they call the Independence Campus Solar Project. Deputy Public Works Director Jim Tatum said the solar arrays will save the County $414,000 in electrical costs in the first year of operation. A big supporter of the solar arrays, County Administrator Kevin […]

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Inyo Supervisors: County office building, Solar project

Inyo Supervisors planned to deal with the proposed Consolidated Office Building plan and the LADWP solar project at their meeting today. At 10:30am, County Administrator Kevin Carunchio expected to ask the Board for direction on the final design of the proposed Office Building in Bishop. Carunchio wants the Board to do this for the next […]

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