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Inyo Supervisors to talk SGMA

By Deb Murphy Inyo County’s administrator and Water Department have outlined their perspective on how best to bring the Owens River Groundwater Basin into compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Sounds simple, right? It’s not. There are 13 public agencies, including two counties. Community Service Districts, a groundwater management district and the City of […]

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Why did Inyo Board OK raises they couldn’t pay for?

Why did the Inyo Supervisors vote for raises that added up to $2 million without the money to pay for them? That’s the puzzler for many people as the Board and Administrator drag through cuts that sharply offend citizens and Department heads. Sierra Wave Media talked to four supervisors about why they okayed raises without […]

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Libraries, museum face “service redesign”

Tuesday, the Inyo Supervisors will consider restructuring of the County Library and Museum departments. Members of the public continue to return to the fact that County officials approved more than $2 million in employee raises without the funds available to pay for them. The County Administrator maintained that the workers were due these increases. In […]

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Inyo Supervisors: water systems, senior lunches

Some 25 years ago, the Inyo Supervisors decided to let the Department of Water and Power transfer towns water systems to Inyo County under the Long Term Water Agreement. Ultimately, the County hoped Community Service Districts in Lone Pine, Independence and Laws would take them over. The aging of the communities and the enormous cost […]

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Energy plan meets with general approval

What started as a heated, public outcry ended yesterday with thank you’s all around at the Inyo Supervisors meeting. The Planning Department presented a very changed Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment draft which responded to public concerns. After hearing from ten people who mostly thanked the Board for responding to public issues, the Supervisors voted […]

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DWP and Inyo talk power, solar and public opinion

At the Inyo Supervisors’ meeting Tuesday, during a break in the intense talk over the Department of Water and Power’s Solar Ranch plans south of Independence, Assistant Director of Power System Planning, Michael Webster made it clear that considering management, the Commission and the Mayor, there is clearly a chance that the project will not […]

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Inyo’s search for control over energy development

With the issue of large-scale solar development on the front burner, the Inyo Supervisors and Administrator took a look back on Tuesday to show the public where the County has been when it comes to solar regulation. That took them to an ordinance called Title 21. That ordinance spells out how solar developers need to […]

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LADWP will come to Inyo for solar talk

In early March, the Inyo Supervisors fretted over how to invite the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to come to a Board meeting to talk about their Solar Ranch project across from Manzanar. DWP has accepted, and someone will show up at the Board meeting on April 15th. During the March discussion over […]

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Inyo Supervisors: setting a date with DWP

The Inyo Supervisors agenda lists an item 20 which asks for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to “provide the Inyo County Board of Supervisors with a presentation on the status of LADWP’s Solar Ranch Project.” Board Chairman Rick Pucci said he wanted to make sure DWP “got an invitation.” Pucci also said […]

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