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Public service ahead

Inyo County residents have a chance to enter public service. One vacancy each exists on the Inyo Water Commission and Planning Commission. The Water Commission duty is to watch over the Long Term Water Agreement requirements and to advise the Board of Supervisors. A vacancy exists on that body due to the resignation of member […]

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Bishop man presses for better water management

While the Inyo Water Department searches for answers to dried up West Bishop wells and a ten-foot drop in a monitoring well, citizens have begun to galvanize their concerns over lakes, creeks, water ditches, ponds and the groundwater table. One local citizen, Philip Anaya, has made it a point to speak at the Inyo Supervisors’ […]

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The outspoken remain outsiders

The most outspoken, knowledgeable and to some degree rebellious people when it comes to the Inyo-Los Angeles water issue did not gain appointments to the Inyo Water Commission. Two others did.  (Letters from candidates follow story.) Sally Manning, long a plant ecologist for the Inyo Water Department and now Environmental Director for the Big Pine […]

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Seats available on Inyo Water Commission

The Inyo Water Commission was formed under the Long-Term Water Agreement between Inyo County and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in the early 90s. It was designed to be the public body that connects the people of the Owens Valley to water issues. Inyo County recently announced that two seats on the […]

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Water Commission to discuss DWP operations plan

Not much water to go around in this second dry year in a row. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power continues to divert all streams and the Owens River into the aqueduct, and DWP wants to pump around 70,000 acre feet of the underground water this runoff year. Thursday night, the Inyo Water […]

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LADWP pumping plan released

In this dry year, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power plans to pump in the “high 70,000 acre-feet range” in the Owens Valley, according to a letter sent to the Inyo Water Director from the DWP Manager of the Aqueduct, James Yannotta. The letter also says that if the Inyo-Los Angeles Standing Committee […]

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McNally Ponds

LADWP wants to deny water to McNally Ponds

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, accused of an accelerated search for every drop of water in the Eastern Sierra, now does not want to put water into the McNally ponds which is a required enhancement/mitigation project in Laws north of Bishop. The Inyo Water Commission recommends that the Inyo Supervisors support supplying […]

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inyosups 1-4-11

Inyo Water Commission appointments

As expected, the Inyo Supervisors played it safe with their appointments to the Inyo Water Commission.  They re-appointed Mike Prather and added former Bishop Police Chief and former City Councilman Bruce Dishion to the list. Left on the cutting room floor again were former Water Department vegetation specialist Sally Manning, a vocal critic of the […]

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inyosups 1-4-11

Supervisors: water commission appointment, stimulus strategies

The Inyo Supervisors planned to meet Tuesday starting at 9am at the Administrative Center in Independence.  One of their agenda items includes appointment of two people to serve on the Inyo Water Commission. Members of the public continue to gripe about water commission appointments.  The main objection is the Board’s selection of what is perceived […]

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Perennial water issue drags on

Public interest has waned hugely, and the Inyo Supervisors still scold those people who do criticize the water issue that drags on with the key question still unresolved – when and how do officials turn off Los Angles pumps to protect the environment.  This issue was slated to come up again at an Inyo-LA Standing […]

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