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State legislation on groundwater control

Even though the key groundwater management part of the Inyo-DWP Water Agreement, called the Green Book, does not work well to manage groundwater pumps, Inyo will apparently ask the State to consider the Long Term Water Agreement as its State-mandated groundwater management plan. Inyo Water Director Bob Harrington talked to the Supervisors Tuesday about pending […]

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Inyo finds DWP pumping plan “conservative”

Inyo Water Director Bob Harrington has reviewed and commented on the Department of Water and Power’s plans to pump the Owens Valley underground for the next year. In his opening letter, Harrington calls DWP’s plans “more conservative than pumping plans developed during the dry years of the early 90s.” Harrington also notes that well fields […]

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LADWP pumping plan is out

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has issued its Annual Operations Plan which includes groundwater pumping. In a letter to Inyo Water Director Bob Harrington, DWP Aqueduct Manager Jim Yannotta says DWP plans to pump between 36,920 and 47,930 acre feet in the first six months of the 2014-2015 runoff year. Yannotta says, […]

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Mitigation undone

25 years ago, the Department of Water and Power agreed on an Enhancement/ Mitigation project in southern Inyo that ultimately led to adding 30 acre feet of water for a high school farm project. Today, the Van Norman Enhancement/ Mitigation project and the high school farm remain undone. Brenda Lacey, Agriculture Instructor at Lone Pine […]

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City of Bishop wells still untouched by drought

Although rumors in Bishop indicated water problems with the City of Bishop Well #1, Public Works Director Dave Grah said that well “has always been troubled” with high flouride levels and is only used in emergencies as a stand-by. Grah said the two production wells for City customers are fine. Concerns grew for all well […]

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Keeping an eye on the groundwater pumps

Stan Matlick of Bishop long protected the underground water of the Bishop area. His family won the Hillside Decree which banned DWP from exporting groundwater in Bishop. He fought later court battles and patrolled Department of Water and Power pumps to watch out for the water. Matlick died in May but left word with a […]

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Inyo-LADWP water dealings

Last month, the Inyo Supervisors refused to go along with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s request to reduce irrigation to lessees and mitigation projects. They did go along with some other water reductions DWP wanted but with conditions. At last months’ Inyo-LA Standing Committee meeting, Inyo officials said no to LA’s irrigation […]

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Water Commission to discuss DWP operations plan

Not much water to go around in this second dry year in a row. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power continues to divert all streams and the Owens River into the aqueduct, and DWP wants to pump around 70,000 acre feet of the underground water this runoff year. Thursday night, the Inyo Water […]

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Inyo, LADWP still disagree on when to shut off pumps

More than twenty-two years ago, Inyo County and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power signed a long term agreement that was supposed to end disputes over groundwater pumping. Those disputes continue, and there is still no agreed upon method to control pumps. The section of that long term agreement that was supposed to […]

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Standing Committee meeting on old issues

One more aspect of LA’s confrontational tone? That’s what Inyo Water Director Bob Harrington suggested in a discussion of yet one more disagreement with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It’s about salt cedar removal, part of the settlement over the Lower Owens River Project lawsuit. LA is resisting going ahead with the […]

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Inyo and LADWP quibble over pumps, environment

Some who attended Wednesday’s Standing Committee meeting of Inyo and Los Angeles officials concluded that the two parties really have very little agreement on water, groundwater pumping and the environment. After nearly five hours of meeting and talking, news emerged that the Standing Committee did not agree to reduce the water supply to McNally Ponds […]

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