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MCWD Board member, Tom Cage

Mammoth Town Council supports MCWD over ORMAT plans

The powers-that-be in Washington reportedly want the project done. The Forest Service and BLM signed off on ORMAT geothermal’s environmental document in a record 7 days. In the face of an apparent fast track, plans for geothermal expansion and up to 16 new groundwater wells have caused grave concerns about impacts on Mammoth’s town water […]

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Council votes 3 to 2 for pay raise

Mammoth Town Council members held their ground on their views of a pay raise for the Council. Their not so fabulous pay of $300 per month is set in Government Code but does allow a 5% increase annually. The Council never did vote in those raises for the past 29 years. On a 3 to […]

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Salary increase for Town Council

With an argument that they have excluded the less wealthy in Mammoth Lakes from a seat on the Town Council, a majority of members voted to proceed to raise the $300 per month pay to the Government Code allowed $735. Town Manager Dan Holler said he and the staff have had questions about the Council […]

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Wood will not run, Cage considering it

With five people who have pulled papers to possibly run for Mammoth Town Council, talk continues of still more potential candidates, and another  long time council member has decided not to run again. Mayor Rick Wood had earlier said he would take time to consider a run for re-election and that it was an important […]

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Lehman will not seek re-election

Councilman Matthew Lehman sat in the Mammoth Town Council Mayor’s seat as the Town wavered close to bankruptcy last year. They were tough times and full of almost daily meetings. At this point, Councilman Lehman has decided not to seek re-election. Lehman announced that he will not run for Council or for Mono County Assessor. […]

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Town of Mammoth: candidate comes forward

The last election on the Mammoth Town Council came at a time when Town Government looked bleak and burdensome. Two candidates ran for two spots. No one else wanted to step forward in a painful situation. This time around, three seats are up for election and things look better. One candidate has already declared. Nomination […]

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Town Council passes restructuring, puts onus on police

For two months, they had talked about elimination of seven police officers, but last night three Mammoth Town Councilmen said they really meant a cut in the police budget – a $1.1 million cut. After more than three hours of talk Wednesday night, the Mammoth Lakes Town Council did approve their government restructuring plan which […]

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Bear situations

When the Mammoth Town Council met last Wednesday, Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles stood up to report that the bears are very active in Mammoth right now.  Last Wednesday, Searles said, he had 25 calls about bears on just one day. Searles told the Council that food is scarce this summer, and the bears have come […]

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