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Energy plan meets with general approval

What started as a heated, public outcry ended yesterday with thank you’s all around at the Inyo Supervisors meeting. The Planning Department presented a very changed Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment draft which responded to public concerns. After hearing from ten people who mostly thanked the Board for responding to public issues, the Supervisors voted […]

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Alabama Gates: The workers in the Alabama Gates Construction Camp occupied the camp in 1912-13, and built the gates, above, and the concrete-lined section of the LA Aqueduct. Photo courtesy Eastern California Museum

Insights about life in LA Aqueduct construction

– Press release from the Eastern California Museum: The remnants of a Los Angeles Aqueduct construction camp have produced insights into how the aqueduct workforce lived and worked, what they ate, smoked and drank, and how the physical layout of the camp itself reflected “scientific management practices” introduced in the early 1900s to improve productivity […]

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alabama-gates (2)

No water? Routine repairs at aqueduct

No water flowing from the Owens Valley down the LA Aqueduct? Hopes and dreams for many people in the Eastern Sierra, and it’s happening right now – but it’s been in the works for weeks. “There is not a major crack or a break in the aqueduct,” said Chris Plakos, local spokesman for the Los […]

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Conversation about Soil Exchange

– Press release The Metabolic Studio is Hosting One Hundred Conversations About Water During the Centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number 28 of One Hundred Conversations About Water: The Metabolic Studio Soil Exchange will take place on Thursday, July 18 at the Owens Valley Growers Cooperative in Independence. Derived from the Greek word for […]

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LA Aqueduct Exhibt siphons

Museum Opens LA Aqueduct Exhibit

The Eastern California Museum issued the following press release: The Eastern California Museum will unveil its new photo exhibit, “Building Bill’s Ditch,  The Los Angeles Aqueduct, 1913-2013,” on Saturday May 11, starting at 10 a.m. The exhibit provides a glimpse into five years it took to design and build the 233-mile long Los Angeles Aqueduct. […]

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Water talk

(Public Service Announcement) The Metabolic Studio is hosting 100 Conversations About Water during this centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number 11: Historical and Contemporary Water Issues in Owens Valley Native Communities, with Alan Bacock ,Kathy Bancroft, Jeremiah Joseph, and Harry Williams.  At the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden in Lone Pine,  Saturday,  April 27, at […]

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Metabolic Studio hosts conversations on water

Public Service Announcement Movie and Pizza Night at the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden! The Metabolic Studio is hosting 100 Conversations About Water as a commemorative action during the centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number Ten:  The Mono Lake Story.  Bristlecone Media and The Mono Lake Committee will be on hand for a showing and […]

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