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The cast of the War of the Worlds radio play, left to right, Jim Shallcross, Max Rosan, Mary Winchester, Jeanie Smith, Judyth Greenburgh, Jon Klusmire, Manual Ruiz.

‘War of the Worlds’, Gertrude Stein Salon this Sunday in Lone Pine

Press release LONE PINE, CA – Metabolic Studio announced that the Gertrude Stein Salon, a recreation of the art collection of this American writer living in Paris who collected masterpieces of Modern Art before they were well known, will open in Lone Pine at 123 Main Street (the former Espresso Parlor) on Sunday, December 13. Stein […]

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American Avocets - Owens Lake - by Gail Klett

Owens Valley Bird Festival flying in April

– Press release Lone Pine, CA – Each year in spring and fall Owens Lake, at the terminus of the Owens River near Lone Pine, CA, supports hundreds of thousands of shorebirds during their annual migrations between continents. Dried by drastic diversions to bring water to the people of Los Angeles, today dust mitigation and […]

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Mark Lacey talks ranches, DWP

  Conversation 75 of 100 Conversations About Water: Owens Valley DWP Leases and the Long Term Water Agreement Owens Valley Rancher Mark Lacey will be the featured speaker at Conversation 75 of Metabolic Studio’s One Hundred Conversations about Water.  Lacey will describe the provisions of the Long Term Water Agreement and 1991 EIR which support […]

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OVC fundraiser draws big donations

Just How Successful was OVC Fundraiser? Very! By Charles James Saturday’s Owens Valley Committee fundraiser held at the Mountain Light Gallery with guest speaker, Bill Powers, on “Solar done right” attracted close to 200 supporters. Not only was the fundraiser successful in drawing supporters, but it also raised a considerable sum of money through donations, […]

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Weekend of mules, water talk, and the film “Watershed”

The Eastern California Museum provided this list of events that include the 100 Mule March, talks on water and the film “Watershed”: Friday, Oct. 18 The Metabolic Studio’s One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct parade/performance will begin on Friday, Oct. 18, at the LA Aqueduct Intake, at Aberdeen Station Road, about 10 miles […]

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Mules take center stage with artist’s direction

On Friday, October 18th, 100 mules and people from Eastern Sierra pack stations will gather at the intake of the Los Angeles Aqueduct to begin a 240-mile march to Los Angeles. The event marks the 100th anniversary of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power aqueduct. This anniversary is met with some cynicism in […]

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Metabolic Studio: Conversations About Water

The Metabolic Studio is Hosting Conversations About Water during the Centenary of the LA Owens River Aqueduct. CONVERSATION 33: Bad Day at Blackrock:  Water Management, Self Deception, and Colonial Rule in the Owens Valley.  This Conversation, led by Owens Valley Committee member Daniel Pritchett, will  examine the Black Rock area as a case study of […]

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Conversation about Soil Exchange

– Press release The Metabolic Studio is Hosting One Hundred Conversations About Water During the Centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number 28 of One Hundred Conversations About Water: The Metabolic Studio Soil Exchange will take place on Thursday, July 18 at the Owens Valley Growers Cooperative in Independence. Derived from the Greek word for […]

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Water talk

(Public Service Announcement) The Metabolic Studio is hosting 100 Conversations About Water during this centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number 11: Historical and Contemporary Water Issues in Owens Valley Native Communities, with Alan Bacock ,Kathy Bancroft, Jeremiah Joseph, and Harry Williams.  At the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden in Lone Pine,  Saturday,  April 27, at […]

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Metabolic Studio hosts conversations on water

Public Service Announcement Movie and Pizza Night at the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden! The Metabolic Studio is hosting 100 Conversations About Water as a commemorative action during the centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number Ten:  The Mono Lake Story.  Bristlecone Media and The Mono Lake Committee will be on hand for a showing and […]

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