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“Uncharted territory” for bears and people

With a third drought in a row, Mammoth Wildlife Officer Steve Searles describes the current conditions as more like August than June, in terms of dryness and lack of natural food for the bears. Searles called it “uncharted territory.” He’s concerned for the bears and the community. Earlier, Searles had made it clear that he […]

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Brian Stacy Macklin

Mammoth man attacked woman, went after Steve Searles

(News Release) On Thursday, April 24 at approximately 5:30 p.m., Steve Searles, the Wildlife Specialist for the Town of Mammoth Lakes, also known as the “Bear Whisperer,” was parked in his marked truck on Frontage Road in front of Schat’s Bakery. Mr. Searles was parked so that he could make a phone call on his […]

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Bentley and his family, Stephanie Diaz and Cynthia Gama.  (Photo by Sage Lovelace-Whitmore Shelter)

Bentley – found! (see video in story)

Two weeks ago, a woman from out of the area brought her dog to Mammoth Lakes, left it with a dog walker and Bentley the dog got away. He was sighted in several locations from Antelope Valley Road to the geothermal plant. Thursday, he was found by Mammoth Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles and patiently captured […]

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Bear activity on rise in Mammoth Lakes

– Press release from the Mammoth Lakes Police Department: The black bears in the Mammoth Lakes area have become very active over the past few weeks and the drought conditions mean that there will be high activity for the next three months.   Recent sightings have been observed throughout Town, and second year cub has […]

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Animal reminders

Mammoth Lakes Police Department: ** NEWS  RELEASE **  Motorists Urged to Use Caution The Deer are Migrating in Full Force The Mammoth Lakes Police Department would like to caution motorists to be extra alert for migrating deer on Highway 395 and Highway 203.  Large numbers of deer are on the move at this time of […]

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New Hampshire features “Bear Man”

He’s the Bear Man about town, star of the Bear Whisperer series on Animal Planet and everybody’s neighbor. Steve Searles has a big job once the bears wake up. He watches them, names them, knows where they are and uses a number of methods to keep bears and people at a safe distance. A reporter […]

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Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles

“Game on with the bears”

It seems like only yesterday that they went to sleep in their dens, but the bears of Mammoth Lakes have already come to life. Bear Man Steve Searles gave the Mammoth Town Council the wildlife word at their recent meeting. Searles said that the local bobcats and raccoons are doing fine. Deer have begun to […]

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Bear situations

When the Mammoth Town Council met last Wednesday, Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles stood up to report that the bears are very active in Mammoth right now.  Last Wednesday, Searles said, he had 25 calls about bears on just one day. Searles told the Council that food is scarce this summer, and the bears have come […]

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