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Low snowpack means tight grip on water

At the end of this month, water officials calculate the so-called “water year.” This year promises to add up to one of the lowest snowpacks on record. The Department of Water and Power recently re-measured snow up in the hills, and Mammoth Community Water District’s Manager talked about the consequences in front of the Mammoth […]

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More recycling in Mammoth Lakes

SIERRA CONSERVATION PROJECT AND TOWN OF MAMMOTH LAKES PARTNER TO EXPAND CONDOMINIUM AND BUSINESS RECYCLING PROGRAM  (Press Release) Mammoth Lakes, CA – The Sierra Conservation Project, Inc. (SCP) and Town of Mammoth Lakes are pleased to announce the expansion of the current condominium, commercial and recreational area recycling programs in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. […]

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With the snow come scores of people in search of work and a place to live.

Influx of workers in search of rentals

Snow has started to cover the ski slopes, Mammoth Mountain had planned to open next week, and new employees want to rent a place to live for the season. This year, it seems like more rental activity, according to Mammoth Lakes Housing Director Jennifer Halferty. As usual, there are not enough rental units to satisfy […]

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Mammoth’s new budget shows $562,527 shortfall

For those who might have thought the Town of Mammoth’s money problems were over, not so. When they meet Wednesday at 5pm, the Town Council will face the fact that the next fiscal year’s budget is short more than half a million dollars compared to the five-year financial plan. Officials point to unknowns in the […]

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Town Council meeting explained

Town of Mammoth officials say their special meeting Monday had to be held as a matter of timing. Some citizens had expressed concern that important matters would be heard suddenly in a Monday morning meeting. The special meeting, Monday at 10:30am, lists two items on a consent agenda. One, adoption of the Town’s Local Goals […]

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LA looks at tax hikes, what about Mammoth?

LA looks at tax hikes, what about Mammoth?

While the Town of Mammoth Lakes struggles over a kind of surgical reduction of its government structure, the city of most of Mammoth’s customers – Los Angeles – prepares four possible tax hike measures for the March ballot. After Town of Mammoth officials called for severe cuts in the police department and other employee and […]

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After Measure U Committee concerns and lots of public comment, the Council voted unanimously for a loan from Measure U.

Bankruptcy mediation and closed sessions continue in Mammoth

Attorneys and officials from the Town of Mammoth and Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition continue to mediate a deal on the $43 million lawsuit debt. Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said there is nothing new to report. She said both sides continue with mediation talks by phone and email. Martinez said, “There is no deal yet.” […]

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After news of Mammoth Lakes' bankruptcy hit the wires and news outlets nationwide, MLLA's lawyer confirmed the company will fight.

MLLA will fight Mammoth’s bankruptcy bid

While the Town of Mammoth prepared to file for bankruptcy protection, a Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition attorney made it clear that MLLA will fight that bankruptcy, doesn’t think Mammoth is eligible for bankruptcy, and maintains that Town officials have refused to accept the responsibility to pay their debt. Dan Brockett has handled the MLLA lawsuit […]

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The shadow of bankruptcy in Mammoth Lakes

Even as headlines shouted that Stockton, California would file for bankruptcy by Friday, Town of Mammoth people suspected the same fate for their town next week.  Mammoth officials have not confirmed that they will file for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy, but short of a deal on MLLA’s $43 million debt, bankruptcy seems the only choice. […]

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MLTC: council appointments and court hearing coming up

It’s official.  The Town of Mammoth has two councilmember-elects who will take seats on the Council June 20th. With all of the problems that face the Town of Mammoth, only two candidates signed up to run for two open seats – Mayor Jo Bacon and Michael Raimondo.  According to government code, the Town Council had […]

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Town government braces for shortfall

Forecasts for Town of Mammoth finances ride the same wave as weather forecasts – dry and partly cloudy.  Even as Mammoth Mountain’s CEO confirmed a revenue shortfall of 30% and pay cuts for workers, Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht also confirmed that he and others are watching developments carefully, know a revenue shortfall will come and […]

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Interim Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez

Debt negotiations continue in Mammoth

In the new year, Town of Mammoth officials continue to negotiate with Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition over the $42 million court judgment owed by the Town.  The uncertainty over Town government money continues. Financial advisor Marianna Marysheva-Martinez told Sierra Wave that the Town did get a response from MLLA to its last proposal on December […]

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