Report on 100 Mules Walking

mules100(Press Release) The Metabolic Studio is Hosting Conversations About Water during the Centenary of the LA Owens River Aqueduct.

Please join us for Conversation Number 53Wranglers Report Back On 100 Mules Walking.

Sunday, January 5 2014 @ 2 pm, at the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden, Willow at Main, Lone Pine.

For more information call 510-468-7113.


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  1. Philip Anaya January 3, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

    All in row, magnificent mules and wonderful wranglers ,got to see you amble by a few times on your journey . A bit of dust, people and the mules, perfect harmony on the trail. Bet, I hope to see you mules again, in Bishop this next year, at Mule Days, if I’m lucky again. And thank you Metabolic Studios.


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