Inyo selected for pilot project and new election website

inyocourthouseAn Important Message for Inyo County Voters

he Inyo County Elections Office is excited to announce that they were one of five counties selected nationwide to participate in a pilot project to launch a new election website. ELECTricity, a program of the New Organizing Institute, has collaborated with TurboVote, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Center for Civic Design, with funding from the Democracy Fund to bring this project to Inyo County.

People are increasingly looking for civic information online. The layout of the new website will allow voters to easily find important election information and will be readable on desktop computers and mobile devices. Because the project is funded by a non-profit, it is free to the county.

Kammi Foote, Inyo County Registrar of Voters, states “Our office is committed to increasing awareness about elections and voting. By participating in this project, Inyo County residents will soon have a website where they can easily find all of the information that they need to register, vote and find election results.”

The website will be live before the November Election. Inyo County citizens are encouraged to visit the site often to learn about upcoming elections, deadlines, and changes in election legislation and technology. Please contact the Inyo County Elections office at 760-878-0224 to learn more.



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  1. Nancy Bright Masters June 13, 2014 at 7:48 am #

    We are fortunate to have such a dedicated County Clerk and Elections Department. Way to go Kammi, Michelle, Merie and Brandon! I look forward to visiting the new website.

    • RAM June 13, 2014 at 10:29 am #

      Are they volunteers? If so then they are very dedicated. If not, what makes them so dedicated?

      Please substantiate your comment with some substance

      • Philip Anaya June 13, 2014 at 5:22 pm #

        Everyone needs to put food on the table. Some people, Ram, are into quality , into pride in their work product. Some people, some elected officials strive to serve their community, their constituants. Some people like Kammi and her Staff are rare jewels who
        shine and are proud of what they do but know the humble words “Ah Shucks it ain’t nothin” . I guess you don’t know them very well if you are wondering about their dedication. I think they had some good experiences, some good Family, some good Teachers, someone that shared the lesson that it takes the same amount of energy to do things right as it does to sandbag all day. There are a lot of high 5’s to share with doing things well with being a part of a Team. Thank You. Another great job accomplished, Kammi and Staff


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