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Its not a bear problem its a people problem.

Why is it a town of 7,000 that easily grows to 25,000 on holidays and busy weekends, has no local jail so must transport those to be jailed to Bridgeport (2 hour minimum drive plus paper work) by one of the two on duty police officers, was just reduced by one police officer in a budget cut while the town with a population of 20 bears has added a paid bear officer, understood to be paid $60,000? (Who at the same time is staring in a TV “Bear Whisperer” series for an undisclosed salary?) Who has said, “Mammoth does not have a bear problem it has a people problem”. I think that most locals agree that the problem is a people problem. You correct people problems by hiring officers trained to deal with peopleto enforcing the law not by hiring bear officers who read the bears their, Meander Rights and make loud noises. I make loud noises, lock up my garbage, close windows (OK I left one open once so a lobster loving bear could dine) and doors, removed my bird feeders and other bear attracters, and follow the, A fed bear is a dead bear rule. I do not fear my bear neighbors; I know how to deal with them. What I do fear are the drunks who wander through my neighborhood (I live near the Village), leave a trail of empty alcohol containers, bend snow stakes into the road way, fight and curse and are intimidating and threatening when asked to be quiet. I also fear drug dealers and drug users attracted by our tourist town party atmosphere. Lets fix our people problems!

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