Assault By Lamp in Mammoth

After midnight Monday, an argument that had been ongoing all day, ended with an assault by lamp.

Mammoth Police Sgt. Karen Smart reports that at close to 2:00 AM Monday morning, officers were called out to a local hotel for a report of a fight. When officers arrived on scene, Sgt. Smart reports that they found a man bleeding from cuts on his head. The man told officers that he had been hit over the head with a ceramic lamp.

It appears that an ongoing argument came to an end when two friends came to blows. Sgt. Smart explained that there had been ongoing trash talk between the victim and another man, 37 year old Ronald Ramirez. This had escalated into a shoving match when Ramirez allegedly grabbed a lamp and broke it over the victims head. There was a third male involved, but Sgt. Smart says that he was not charged with anything.

Unlike many late night brawls, Sgt. Smart says that no one involved was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the fight.

With a lamp broken on a mans head, police arrested Ramirez for assault with a deadly weapon other then a gun.

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