Update on Snowcreek Athletic Club flooding


We will be teaching some classes at Sierra Center Mall on the 1st and 2nd floor. Please refer toMind/Body website for class times. Please bring your Membership Cards.

Snowcreek Athletic Club, the Bistro and The Double Eagle Spa at Snowcreek closed due to flood damage. A 6″ water main broke, 4′ under the club’s foundation, in the early hours of Wednesday 11/6 at Snowcreek that flooded the entire 1st floor of the club, all rooms, the Double Eagle Spa at Snowcreek and out to the swimming pool. The 2nd floor, including The Bistro, was not damaged.

All Members can work out & attend classes at Double Eagle in June Lake until Snowcreek reopens!!!!
We apologize for this inconvenience and interruption to your normal fitness routine, as we understand how vital our club is to your training regimen.

Current status:
1. By 8AM Wednesday morning we had Servicemaster here beginning mitigation efforts immediately.
2. We met with our insurance adjustor on Thursday and Friday.
3. We have now been given the green light to continue mitigation efforts, repairs and remodeling.
4. We do not know yet the exact cause of the break in the pipe.
5. Our insurance will cover all repairs to the building.
6. All members will have receive proper credit / proration for every day that the club is closed.
7. We estimate that the repairs will take some time, as we are still assessing all that needs to be replaced.
8. Limited fitness classes as well as Gyrotonic and Pilates classes, and Bryan Dennison Physical Therapy are available at Sierra Center Mall.
9. All members can work out and take fitness classes at Double Eagle in June Lake. Please bring your Membership Card.
11. Once we open, we will be better than ever with new floors & other enhancements.
12. We will be updating our website weekly, so keep checking back with us.
Thank you Snowcreek Community for your continued support!


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