Auld Dubliner Arrest, Investigation

Mammoth Police have arrested a suspect in a grand theft case earlier this month at the Auld Dubliner Restaurant and Bar. Officers said that Rafael Roderiguez, an employee, was arrested.

Officers said that police and the restaurant general manager reviewed surveillance video of the incident. Police said that the video showed a suspect, identified as Roderiguez, entering the manager’s office and concealing two envelopes in his pants’ pocket. One of the envelopes contained $1,625. The other contained receipts.

One more incident at Auld Dubliner, and Mammoth Police need witness help on this one.

Detective Doug Hornbeck said that on Sunday at about 11pm a fight occurred at Auld Dubliner. One victim sustained major injury to his face and another victim sustained major injury to her hand. The Detective is looking for witnesses who may have been at the location when the fight took place.

If you were there and saw this fight, call Detective Doug Hornbeck at 760-934-2011, extension 17.


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