Backdoor Burglar in Bishop?

Two more back door break ins for Bishop.

A silent, motion triggered alarm at Phillips Camera House in Bishop alerted the police early Monday that a burglary was in progress.

Detective Dave Jepson reports that just before 5:00 Monday morning police arrived on scene and saw an individual inside the store. The suspect fled on foot out the back door of the building and was able to evade Police.

Detective Jepson reports that the suspect broke through the glass back door to gain entry to the business. Jepson said that nothing was stolen. He declined to comment on whether or not there were any suspects. He did say that police did not have anyone in custody at this time.

In another incident, on October 23 police responded to a burglary at the Bishop Nursery. Police say that someone broke through the back door of the nursery and stole an undisclosed amount of money. Detective Jepson reports that the nursery was hit again overnight on November first or early on the second. Like the first time, the back door was broken, but this time the thief wasnt able to steal anything, he reported.

With three broken back doors in three weeks, Jepson could not confirm if the incidents were related.

If you have any information on these burglaries, give the Bishop Police a call at 873-5866.

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