Bandwidth Good News

On the business scene, 2010 promises to continue to identify itself as the year of bandwidth. The big Digital 395 project with state and federal funds seemed on track. Plus, NPG Cable of Mammoth and June Lake shared bandwidth information. npg_logo

General Manager Maggie Thompson noted that NPG made the decision to increase available bandwidth this year based on the importance of faster and more reliable high speed internet service to the growth of Mammoth and June.

NPG drew additional bandwidth from Bishop to Mammoth Lakes via microwave technology and in late November, NPG invested in technology to almost quadruple bandwidth.

Mammoth and June face the challenge of town’s filling up with skiers. With the new upgrade, Manager Thompson said that Cheetah customers will experience faster speeds even when the town is full. Of special interest to customers – no rate increases for now.

As for the government-funded Digital 395 project, funds seem to be lined up and 2010 will tell if the work goes forward to expand bandwidth capacity throughout Inyo-Mono.

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