Bears in Crowley

bears-3.jpgSpring is making its way into the Eastern Sierra and the communities of Mono County. Springtime means local roads are opening, fishing season has begun, wildflowers are in bloom, and local wildlife are starting to come out of hibernation looking for food.

This is the mountains and bears do share our space. There have been a few reports in the community of Crowley Lake of a local bear snacking on bird feeders and bird seed. Where many of us try to help feed local wildlife, like the birds, please remember this also attracts other wildlife, such as bears. Due to the current drought conditions, it is anticipated that bears may be forced to seek out food other than their native diet.

Please remember some simple tips to lessen the likelihood of a bear encounter: to avoid vehicle break-ins, do not leave food, wrappers, ice chests, lunch boxes, etc. in your vehicle; do not leave outdoor trash cans open, unattended and unsecured; use proper bear proof food storage containers; do not leave out any type of food including pet food and bird seed; make sure all BBQ’s and outdoor cooking areas are kept clean to prevent problems with bears; and, if you accidentally come “face to face” with a bear, slowly step back and make as much noise as possible to alert the bear of your presence. Please do not take matters into your own hands. These simple tips are for your safety and the safety of our local bears.

If these simple tips do not work, and your safety is still at risk, please do not hesitate to call the Mono County Sheriff’s Office at (760) 932-7549 ext. 7 for non-emergencies, or 911 for emergencies, or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Please be safe and cognizant of wildlife in all communities throughout Mono County!

Written and prepared by Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer


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  1. Wayne Deja May 8, 2014 at 4:21 pm #

    …..I heard there was a bear in Lone Pine Campground last week….and next week,I’ll find out on a camping-fishing trip if they are “visiting” Greys Meadow outside of Independence…..As far as the advise on what to do,thanks for the advise…..but I’m thinking if I do happen to see or encounter a bear,about the last thing I’d think of doing is calling Law Enforcement with that problem….doubt if the bear would stick around and wait for the red lights and sirens….and calling DFW ?…..last time I called them with the simple matter of reporting a fisherman fishing out of season,they didn’t even know where Lone Pine was on the map.Let’s face it….if your out on a camping trip and happen to see or encounter a black bear,99.999% of the time,all it takes is some yelling if he’s getting around your vehicle and he’ll be gone….if they get in your vehicle,about all you can do is either try to scare him out….or sit and watch and hope he decides to leave on his own….but I can honestly say,calling LE or DFW wouldn’t even enter my mind….especially since I don’t have a cell phone…best advise I’ve gotten…..keep your food secured in a bear-box…..get out your camera….set it on “photos taken in very low light” ….start clicking,and enjoy….

    • Rick O'Brien May 9, 2014 at 7:49 pm #

      WAYNE…! In this day and age, even the HOMELESS have cell phones !! Why don’t you join the rest of us, and embrace one of the many conveniences of the 21st century. Some of them even do OTHER things too…

      • Wayne Deja May 10, 2014 at 6:44 am #

        Rick….MANY people tell me the same thing about cell phones….but choose not to do them for a few reasons…even after one of my employers offered me one and a free plan to go along with it…first,have trouble understanding how they operate and seeing the numbers to dial…don’t like getting calls when I’m doing something when I don’t want getting calls,then having to explain why I didn’t pick-up…..and ,too,the “rudeness factor”..if I happen to be talking to someone,and be getting a call that might interupt a face to face conversation…..or worse,getting a call on a fishing or camping trip I might be on..can’t stand their rings…and back a few years ago when I was required to carry one with a job I had,whenever I really needed to use one it seemed I couldn’t get reception…or couldn’t see the buttons good enough to answer or call back.The people I have to talk to or communicate with,we do it the old-fashion way…..either face-to-face or a knock on the door….or a phone call to my land-line and leave me a message on my vintage 1980 answering machine….on my vintage 1974 dial-phone….true story..

      • Ken Warner May 10, 2014 at 8:47 am #

        Cell phones are mental masturbation. They make you think you are doing something when you aren’t. And every thing that Wayne said is right. POTS forever.

        What is more rude than being in a conversation with someone who gets an “urgent” phone call and motions you to wait while he talks to someone else. I just walk away now.

        And women will soon be born with cell phones growing from their ear. Seeing a woman who isn’t holding a cell phone to her ear is like seeing a rare bird.

        • Wayne Deja May 10, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

          Ken Warner….I do the same thing if I’m talking to someone in person ,and if they happen to get a call on their cell phone, if they put ME on hold for our conversation…..I just walk away….or how about when someone is going through a checkout at a store and on a cell phone,making others in line wait….and the cashier waiting on the money….while he talks on the phone.I told my friends and co-workers a couple months ago,on any day, from 8 A.M. untill 5 P.M…..if I EVER go those 9 hours without seeing someone talking and yapping on a cell phone that day,at 5:01 P.M…..whoever I’m standing closest to at the time,I’m gonna tap them on the shoulder and hand them a $ 100.00 bill…so far,haven’t had to hand out any $100.00 bills to a stranger yet,and doubt I ever will….unless I move to Siberia in the winter….What I just don’t understand is WHY do some people have to talk to someone else on a cell phone all the time ????…..and it’s not just girls doing it….it’s guys too !!!.young AND old.Once I went fishing in June Lake…saw a family of 4 walking the creek….Mom and Dad carrying a picnic basket and fishing poles….and their two teen-age kids following about 25 yards behind……BOTH talking on their cell-phones !!!!!!

          • Wayne Deja May 10, 2014 at 1:04 pm #

            Ken….AND…..don’t even get me started on “texting”… about when your standing in a line of people…and the person in front of you is “texting” someone…and while the line is moving forward,your standing still behind this person “texting” while they too are standing still so as to not mix-up their letters and message!!.or how about sitting behind a person in a vehicle while the light is green,but your standing still while they finish their “text-message” before driving on…I know of married couples,when one of them leaves in the morning to go to work,they probably kiss good-bye,walk out the door,but before one of them turns the key to start their car,they are “texting” eachother !!!!…aren’t cute little love messages left in the lunch-box on a piece of paper a lot more fun to get?

        • Wayne Deja May 12, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

          Ken Warner….Here’s another one I like….How about when your in a room of 3 or 4 people talking,and one of them gets a cell-phone call….and then turns around and holds their hand up in the air….like the other people in the room talking should be quiet and shut-up while they are yapping…or texting….happens a lot to me at one of my jobs….one thing if it’s at a business and it’s a customer that called..still rude,but understandable…but ultra-rude if it happens to be a boyfriend or one of their friends or kids calling and wanting something.

          • Wayne Deja May 12, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

            ….or how about this scenario……you walk into a room and someone is there with their back turned sitting at a chair….and you maybe have a question for them,or just something to say……unaware,since their back is turned to you,they are “texting” someone….and when you start a dialogue with them,they turn around and say “JUST A MINUTE….I’m BUSY !!!”…..rude,AND making you feel like YOU did something wrong….that happens a lot at that job I have too……..

  2. Roy May 9, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    As someone who camps 50-60 days a year in the area I can’t believe the number of people that leave everything they have out in the open in their campsites….When I camp there is absolutely nothing but my camp chair and tent visible in my site when I leave for the day or when I go to bed…. Everything is in the bear box secured and out of sight.. People complain about bears,,,, well don’t leave everything you own scattered about your campsite and Yogi bear won’t pay you a visit..

  3. Roy May 10, 2014 at 1:39 pm #

    Two weeks ago I was driving in my city when a lady in a new Lexus passed me in the number one lane, I saw that she was texting on her cell phone…. As we were coming to a red light, there was a large city utility truck stopped for the red light…Lady, still texting and going about 35 mph rear ended the city truck, she never once hit her brakes….She ended up getting hauled to the hospital and her new Lexus was pretty much totaled….Sorry but I just can’t have a lot of compassion for some peoples pure stupidity, It could have been me or my wife stopped at the red light getting creamed from the rear…..


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