Bishop Gunshot Leads To A Charge of Attempted Murder

A man who allegedly fired off a round inside his Bishop residence has been charged with attempted murder.

At about 2:30 Sunday morning, Inyo Sheriff officers were dispatched to the home on South Pa-Ha for reports of shots fired inside the residence shared by 34-year-old Duane Summers and his father. Carma Roper with the Inyo Sheriffs Department explained that investigators reported one round was fired from a .22 pistol.

Roper says that family members later convinced Summers to turn himself in to the Bishop Police Department, where the man was taken into custody without incident.

Summers was booked for assault with a deadly weapon, but Assistant District Attorney Mark Johnson later charged Summers with assault by firearm and attempted murder. Johnson would not go into further detail on the case. When asked if the gun were pointed at anyone, Johnson did explain that act was necessary for the charge of attempted murder.

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