Bishop Officials Interview Police Chief Candidates

Members of the City Council and City Administrator Rick Pucci have worked behind closed doors this week to interview candidates for a new Police Chief for Bishop.

Current Chief Joe Pecsi had earlier announced that he planned to retire. The Council decided to cast a wide net in search of a candidate. Many in the City and police department favored that approach – to bring in someone from out of the area to head the department.

Reports indicate that city officials interviewed at least 5 candidates and have narrowed the field to the final 3. Officials have indicated that the caliber of candidates is quite high and the decision will be tough. It is unknown when the City will announce selection of the new top cop for Bishop.

The police department had been headed by Bruce Dishion, who was promoted from within the department. Troubles between Dishion and most of his officers followed until his retirement and replacement by Joe Pecsi. Chief Pecsi has managed to resolve internal issues and smooth out officers' problems.

The new Chief will deal with ongoing criminal drug issues in the small city, which doesn't grow from year to year.

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