Bishop Tribal Members Share Concerns Over Murders

Two murders in six months on the Bishop Indian Reservation prompted many people who live there to voice worries over conditions. Last week, tribal officials held what they called a Community Talking Circle meeting. 85 Native Americans showed up to share concerns.bpaiute

Tribal Administrator Glenn Hall issued a press release on the meeting. He talked about the “healing powers” of a supportive community talking through concerns. Hall said that many young people and Elders shared their experiences and commented on the current issues on the Reservation.

Hall said, “With each pass of the talking stick the community drew from the same well of concerns over drugs and alcohol on the reservation and how a change is needed to prevent more tragedies from occurring.”

Some of the ideas brought up – more positive outlets for youth, more programs for family formation, and implementation of a reservation curfew. Hall said that this was the first of many Community Talking Circles to come as fuel for change.

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