Bishop Tribe Plans for Change

Officials of the Bishop Paiute Tribe released information about the ongoing work toward a Retail Corridor Project on some 47 acres of Reservation land that borders Highway 395 near the current casino. Today, more from the Tribal CEO about


Project area includes 47 acres between Brockman and Barlow Lanes

development plans.

Bishop Paiute Tribal CEO Glenn Hall said that a process now continues to try to develop and grow the Reservation community. Hall said the work includes a study of what the community has and what is needed. He pointed to 33% unemployment on the reservation and the stark need for economic development to improve the lives of the people.

Hall said the Reservation tax base has never been developed. He said work will lead to a comprehensive tax plan. Hall said none of this happens over night and there “has to be a buy-in by the community. We want their feedback.” Hall is aware of the need for more communication among the Native and white communities. In fact, he said he recently met with Bishop’s City Administrator and Inyo’s County Administrator. He said they will meet again this month and he hopes they will meet monthly.

When rumors of the advent of a Walmart in Bishop spread, so did fear among officials and businesses. Hall said when talks with any particular company get serious, he will share that information. He underscored that right now, talks with various firms are very preliminary. Hall did say that there are some firms that have experience with resort development and casinos. That’s a possibility and others could develop a hotel-convention center. He said the Reservation is very interested in a grocery competitor. “Prices are a concern for our community,” he said.

Hall said the Native community could be an agent for change – change that would “add to the quality of life for the community in general.”

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