Bridgeport Man Sees Mismanagement in MCSO

Dear Editor,

As I evaluate the present administration of the Mon County Sheriff’s Department, I am seriously concerned about the professionalism of the organization and the quality of service offered by the present administration. The department does have many dedicated and highly competent deputies; however the problem lies with the incumbent sheriff. He is not providing the leadership and administrative skills necessary to effectively manage a modern law enforcement agency which is facing increased societal problems, as well as decreased available funding. It is time for a change and I believe that Doug Northington can provide the leadership necessary to lead the department in the years to come.

A present day law enforcement agency faces criminal and civil problems which demand an on-site administrator who is willing to totally commit himself to managing the department and insuring that the citizens of this county receive the service and protection that they expect and are entitled to. That includes living within a reasonable distance of the county seat. This is certainly a must should there be a major or larger scale emergency requiring rapid response from law enforcement. The incumbent sheriff presently lives approximately 55 miles from the county seat and during off hours is not available to manage and direct the activities of his department for a prolonged period. In addition, a sheriff must be willing and able to provide quality service to all the citizens within the county and to not show preference to certain individuals who for a variety of reasons, expect and receive a higher level of service. Every person regardless of status, should expect to be treated with respect and know that their contact with the sheriff’s department will be handled promptly and positively.

Today’s law enforcement agencies face complex problems requiring an administrator who recognizes the need for change and who is willing to commit himself to offering his personnel advanced training and education. He must also provide through hard work dedication and education.

Lastly, law enforcement must be able to fiscally manage their departments in a manner that the service offered meets that level expected by the citizens of the county. This is a time when county revenues are decreasing and funding for county programs is being drastically affected.

I see mismanagement and neglect coming from the present sheriff’s department administration. This has affected the service being provided to the citizens of this county and could be significantly improved with a change in leadership. I retired after 34 of management positions in municipal, state and federal law enforcement.

I certainly feel that I am qualified to analyze and judge the level of competence and professionalism of law enforcement personnel. I am comfortable endorsing and recommending Doug Northington for the position of sheriff of Mono County. He has protected and served this county for 22 years as a member of the California Highway Patrol. While employed by the state of California, he has received 4,500 hours of training in all phases of law enforcement. He is a dedicated professional police officer who has benefited from the level of training provided by the California Highway Patrol and who now wants to further serve the citizens of Mono County by bringing his skills and knowledge to the sheriff’s department.

I ask you to please cast your vote for sheriff for Doug Northington who will bring a high level of professionalism, dedication and administrative knowledge to the Office of Sheriff of Mono County.


Maynard M. Enos

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