Bugs Make News

The droning buzz and
hum of spring insects have begun to orchestrate the warm air, and
therein lies a news story about bugs.


First, you've probably heard about the mysterious absence of honeybees
around the nation. A couple of months ago, bees started to disappear.
The LA Times reported that about a quarter of commercial honey bee
hives are gone. Entomologists are quoted as saying that 1/3 of our
daily diet is based on crops produced by honeybee pollination. Stay
tuned to fruit and vegetable prices later this summer.

Meanwhile, locally, Agricultural Commissioner George Milovich,
says he has received no reports of disappearing bees. He said that bee
die-offs were reported in Texas, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and
some in the Central Valley of Califor4nia. Locally, beekeepers are
holding on to their insects.


As for bugs of the irritating kind, Milovich is also in charge of
mosquito control in Inyo. Water in the Lower Owens River provides
mosquito breeding conditions. Milovich said his crews are out there
mapping areas that will require serious mosquito work. He said that
water in the river channel will flow into old ox bows and intentionally
flooded areas.

Familiar Mosquito Control Manager Ernie Poncet has retired and
Jerry Oser is the new manager. Milovich said DWP will provide some
$50,000 or so for mosquito control and Inyo will put up an equal share
on top of their current budget.

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