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Tom Cage

To the Mammoth Lakes Community:

I am humbled and appreciative for all the support you have shown me in encouraging me to run for Town Council.  By now you all know that I am not running and I felt it only fair to explain my reasons to so many that have encouraged me.

First and foremost I feel there is now a good slate of candidates that will serve our community well.  I am in the middle of my term on the MCWD and felt it unfair to leave in the middle of a term to both my fellow board members the staff and the community.  And finally it is time that I concentrate on business; during these last few years business has been tough and splitting my time additionally to serve on the Town Council would not be fair to my partners and staff at the businesses I am involved with.

I hope there is as much support for me in 2 years when I believe things will align better for me to run for office to serve the community that I love.

Please register to vote and more importantly get out and vote on June 3, in a small town you can really make a difference.

Thank you again,

Tom Cage


2 Responses to Cage responds to community

  1. Realist March 13, 2014 at 2:26 am #

    Just one word, Goofy!

  2. ?????? March 13, 2014 at 6:32 pm #

    This is weird. Rumor last year was he wanted to be Town Manager. Now he says it will conflict with duties at MCWD. There will always be some sort of conflict here in Mammoth unless you don’t have property , a business or a life here.

    Why the explanation.

    Who cares.

    I am sure you will have the support when you choose to run.


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