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What’s happening in Mono County

For years now, I have consistently heard from people about Mammoth this, and Mammoth that. There has been a “them versus us” mentality for years, whether justified or not. Mammoth is only ~4 square miles out of ~3200 in the County yet they have had up to ~75% of the population. With 3 Supervisors representing […]

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Flawed agreement and tule idea

I wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors, middle of March, regarding appointment to the Water Commission, and I’d like to revise that letter for ideas of recreation on the LORP and the Countys relationship with LADWP. – I remember voting for the Groundwater Pumping Ordinance in 1980, creating the Water Department and Water […]

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LADWP on conservation

The following opinion-editorial, authored by James McDaniel, Senior Assistant General Manager of the LADWP Water System, was printed in the Los Angeles Daily News on Sunday, April 10, 2011. James B. McDaniel: Drought is over but water still preciousBy James B. McDaniel April 10, 2011 After a rainy winter, it should hardly come as a […]

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A closer look at Bodie Hills

April 5, 2011 LETTER TO THE EDITOR BODIE HILLS PINYON CREEP: Is it worth spending big bucks? A few weeks ago, my Letter to the Editor about BLM’s plans to manipulate 16,000 acres in the Bodie Hills was focused on letting people know about the project and how to send in comments. Since then, I […]

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Overkill in Bodie

March 29, 2011 LETTER TO THE EDITOR BODIE HILLS: BLM PROPOSING MANIPULATION ON 16,000 ACRES With all the interest lately in the Cougar Gold mining proposal in the Bodie Hills, I wanted to mention the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) plans to manipulate over 16,000 acres of land over 10 years, including cutting trees, mowing […]

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No special favors for Cougar Gold

I commented several weeks ago during your deliberation of the proposed mining operation from Cougar Gold. Mr. Hazard’s recent proposal acquiescing to Cougar Gold’s request for the release (albeit a portion) of the Bodie WSA compels me to provide additional comment. I respectfully offer the same point of view from my February 15, 2011 letter: […]

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Mono county government expenses questioned

What’s happening in Mono County? By Tim Fesko, Mono County is finally seeing (feeling) that they must do something to rein in costs, mainly wages! So this month I will be discussing the topic of At-Will employees (Exempt & management) and the regular public employees as this is currently the hot topic. At-will employees […]

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Support for school resource officer

Mammoth Lakes Schools need a Police Officer Is there anywhere in Mammoth Lakes that needs the presence of a police officer more than the Mammoth Lakes K-12 school system? I think not! Where do our children first encounter peer pressure, drugs, bullying, etc? Probably in school. What is the biggest fear of the parents of […]

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Fly fishers for Bodie

COOGAN FLY FISHERS Ms. Bennett Kessler Sierra Wave Dear Ms. Kessler, We are a few of the approximately 40 active members of Coogan Fly Fishers who could be reached on short notice to sign onto this letter. Coogan Fly Fishers is a club whose members and families have stayed, fished in, enjoyed the wildness and […]

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Gold mining fairy tale

Dear Benett, Let me cut to the chase: I love the Bodie Hills. As a Mono City homeowner, the Bodie Hills are literally my backyard. I recreate in the Bodie Hills year round: I both ski and hike there. I have seen more wildlife than most places, as well as unparalleled wild flower shows. I […]

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No clarity from Cougar Gold

LETTER TO THE EDITOR NO CLARITY FROM COUGAR GOLD I attended the Cougar Gold Mining Company presentation at the Board of Supervisors meeting last Tuesday in Bridgeport. Thanks to Hap Hazard for running a very efficient and respectful meeting, and to all the Supervisors for their thoughtful comments and questions. The bottom line message from […]

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Letting DWP off the hook

Daniel Pritchett401 East Yaney St.Bishop, CA 93514873-8943January 30, 2011 EditorInyo Register450 East Line St.Bishop, CA 93514 Dear Editor In the never-ending tragedy of Inyo-LA relations, there are moments of black humor. Recently, there was Gene Coufal’s Inyo Register defense of DWP management (1/11/11). In this letter Mr. Coufal neglected to mention that DWP continues to […]

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