Changes at DWP? A Memo Reveals Some Information

Changes at DWP? Persistent off the record reports in the Eastern Sierra indicated that DWP Manager Gene Coufal might transfer to Los Angeles after many years in the Owens Valley, with Clarence Martin to replace him. Public Relations spokesmen for DWP said there has been no announcement of any changes at this time.

What is known – DWP officials issued a memo for organizational changes with a focus on water conservation and the Mayor’s Water Supply Plan. The reorganization will create separate divisions of water quality and water operations with separate chiefs in charge of each.

The DWP memo does say that the new Water Operations Division will combine operations and maintenance of the LA aqueduct and the LA City water transmission facilities. The memo also says that Mr. Gene Coufal will continue to manage aqueduct operations and maintenance and that Mr. Richard Harasick will continue to manage in-city operations and maintenance.

Joe Ramallo, head of public relations at DWP in LA said that “there are no decisions or changes in leadership.”

The Owens Valley used to be considered training ground for DWP management with an eventual move to Los Angeles. The recent DWP memo indicates there will be more information on announced changes.

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