Charges Dismissed in Mammoth Knife Incident

The case against 34 year old Mammoth resident Shawn Plummer has been dismissed. Plummer had been arrested May 29th for allegedly brandishing a knife during a late night fight near the Westin.

At the time of the incident, officers reported that they spoke to the two victims, residents of Southern California, who said that they had been walking when three males confronted them, made derogatory comments, and challenged the two Southern California residents to fight. The victims reported that one of the men drew a knife during the verbal altercation that ensued, according to police.

The victims were able to diffuse the situation enough to walk away before they called for help. When police responded, the victims identified Plummer, who was walking uphill from the fight, as the one who pulled the knife. Plummer was arrested for attempted assault by knife and brandishing a weapon.

Now Deputy Mono District Attorney Todd Graham reports that he dismissed the case after the defense provided him with new evidence in the case. Graham did not go into detail on that evidence, but it was enough to clear Plummer of the charges in this matter.

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