loinyocheerleadersCar Wash Fundraiser for Lo Inyo School Cheerleaders

By Charles James

29 April 2013

Drivers through Lone Pine two weekends ago might have noticed that on the corner of Muir and Main Street there were seven very cute young girls from Lo Inyo Elementary School, who along with their coaches, were busily washing car as part of their efforts to raise money to support their cheerleading squad. The money is needed to purchase uniforms, pay for cheerleading camp, transportation, and other expenses.

Cheerleading can be a pretty intense physical activity with organized routines ranging anywhere from one to three minutes in length. It involves tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and finding innovative, interesting ways to encourage spectators at sports and at school events to cheer for sports teams at games.  It is also a sport competition all by itself, with many cheerleaders attending special camps to be better able to compete against other cheerleading squads.

On June 22, Jessica, Becca, Brizeida, Monica, Kaili, Karlee, and Nancy, along with their coaches LeeAnn McGuire and Jesseca Tsosie are hosting a carnival fundraiser at Spainhower Park and hope that the community will support their efforts. If you would like more information or to help, please call (760) 220-6774 or contact Coach LeeAnn McGuire at email:

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