City of Bishop wells escape dry conditions so far

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City of Bishop Wells Safe from Drought So Far

The deep wells that supply drinking water to the City of Bishop don’t appear to be affected by
the dry weather conditions that have affected some shallow wells in the Bishop area.

Recent inspections of the city’s two production wells suggest the lack of rain and snow have not
affected the water supply for City of Bishop water customers. The city’s main water supply well
is about 3 miles west of the city near West Line Street. That well is about 400 feet deep with the
water level at about 85 feet below the surface. The city’s second production well is near the Tri
County Fairgrounds and is about 500 feet deep. The level of water in this well is about 5 feet
below the surface. Both of these water levels are close to what they have been since these wells
were constructed several decades ago. The city’s production wells seem to be unaffected by the
ongoing dry conditions.

Even though the water supply for the City of Bishop appears to be safe from drought for now,
the city always asks its customers to conserve water whenever possible. Conserving water helps
protect the city’s water supply in case of continued dry weather and helps keep the cost of water
as low as possible.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at or 760-
873-8458. Press releases posted at


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