City Staff Asks For Help Fighting Sewer Grease

Video cameras that drive through the sewer pipes of Bishop have brought back footage from inside the guts of town. Considering what goes does go down the drain, the insides of the city sewer pipes are not so bad as you might think. One problem does stand out though – the white goo of congealed fat.

Bishop Public Works Director David Grah has asked the community for help deal with this ongoing problem which is the most common cause of sewer back ups.

The best way to keep the grease from backing up the sewers is to keep it out of the sewers all together. Grah recommends putting used cooking oils and grease in a separate container and putting it in the trash rather then down the drain.

With a new sewer camera, city staff can clearly see where the grease is coming from. As sources of grease are found, Grah reports that responsible owners and residents will be contacted and asked to reduce the amount of grease they put into the sewer.


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