Construction At NIH Set to Begin Soon

Construction of the foundations for new main building at Northern Inyo Hospital could start any day, as the project waits for the permits to move ahead.

The old Hospital, built in 1949, has now been torn down, leaving bare dirt to mark the site of the future hospital. Hospital Administrator John Halfen says that crews have done all they can without the permit to build. Once the permit comes through, which is expected within the month, crews will get started on the foundation.

On this $42 million project, the hospital has $25 million for the project in hand, plus the expected money raised by the sale of the voter approved bonds. The project is still currently $2.5 million short. Halfen says that the hospital will either have to make that money up somehow or borrow it.

The bonds are set to start selling next week. Once construction starts, the project is expected to take just under two years to complete.

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