Conway Ranch Flush with Trout and Waterways

Tim Alpers and John Frederickson are determined trout men. Alpers pioneered his family’s famous trout and Frederickson


Tim Alpers

runs Crowley Lake and June Lake Marina. They partnered with Steve Brown to create Inland Aquaculture Group who leases the Conway Ranch Property seven miles north of Lee Vining and raises trout for Mono County and for the public. They have launched another season of fishing and promoting the Eastern Sierra.

Cleland Hoff talked to Alpers at the ranch last week. He told her Conway Ranch has quite a rich history as one of the first homesteaded ranches in the area. Alpers said that today Conway Ranch is “Trout Central” for Mono County.

The ranch is the new home for Alpers Trout. “We moved our hatchery facilities up here. It’s very similar to the way I’ve historically grown trout.” Alpers said lots of water flows through the ranch for growing trout and offering conway_ranchfishing experiences.

“We have recreation ponds here,” he said, “including a handicapped access pond and kids’ fish pond. We have a float tube lake for catch and release fly fishing.” The facility also includes what Alpers calls a Challenge Pond. Local guides bring in clients and teach them how to catch and release and handle their gear. Then there’s the Glory Pond with big trout for the catching.

Check out how to get to Conway Ranch and other details on their website at The more than 1,000 acre ranch has room to grow, and the Trout men have plans for expansion in the future.

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