Cops and kids go shopping


shopwithcop Third Annual Eastern Sierra Shop with a Cop

The third annual Eastern Sierra Shop with a Cop was held on Saturday, December 14 in Bishop.  The local law enforcement agencies and their officer associations raised money from their communities to sponsor 40 children.  Each child was picked up on Saturday morning by their partner for the day and taken to Whiskey Creek in Bishop for breakfast.  Afterwards, they all drove code 3 (red lights and sirens) up Main Street to K-Mart.  After gathering for a group photo, each child and his partner went on a shopping spree for his or her family.  The funds

(l-r) Mono Sheriff Ralph Obenberger, Mammoth Police Chief Dan Watson, Santa and Inyo Sheriff Bill Lutze.

(l-r) Mono Sheriff Ralph Obenberger, Mammoth Police Chief Dan Watson, Santa and Inyo Sheriff Bill Lutze.

raised provided each child with $200.  In addition, K-Mart generously donated an additional $40.  Once the shopping was done, approximately 30 additional volunteers wrapped the gifts using wrapping paper, ribbon and bows provided by K-Mart.  Photos were taken with Santa Claus and then the children and their partner went home where Christmas was shared with the family.

This was the largest and most successful Shop with a Cop.  The support from the community has been overwhelming, and Whiskey Creek and K-Mart have been very generous in supporting this program all three years.

The following agencies participated in Shop with a Cop:  Mammoth Lakes Police Department, Mono County Sheriff, Bishop Police Department, Inyo County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol, Inyo County Probation, United States Forest Service, California Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, and Bishop Paiute Tribal Police.






2 Responses to Cops and kids go shopping

  1. Tired December 24, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

    I find it interesting tha everyone on this pathetic news site wants to sit at home and run our government by pointing out all its “flaws” yet no one wants to comment on a job well done! 40 kids in YOUR communities were given a christmas they might not otherwise have and no one seems to think its comment worthy. Great job to all the agencies involved, what a way to positivly influence our communities.

  2. Wayne Deja December 25, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    Tired….We are all appreciative of what the Law Enforcement agencies do each year giving these kids and families a Christmas they might not otherwise be getting….and others that help people out this time of the year….it is kind of sad that some didn’t positivily comment on their efforts….but what I find,as you put it,pathetic,is your having to point out the “flaws” of this news-site and the people that follow it and post….for that,here on Christmas morning,you get a big lump of coal in your stocking !!!…Did YOU help out anyone in need of help, or a smile this Holiday season ?


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