Court Cases: Weapon Possession, Murder, Arson, Drugs

In early September Mammoth Police arrested a student at Mammoth’s Cerro Coso College dorm. Officers said Robert Isaac mono_courthouse_10-08Monroy, 23, was out of control and in possession of knives. The defendant now participates in a Salvation Army in-patient treatment program and awaits a January 10th appearance.

Mr. Monroy faces charges of felony possession of a deadly weapon, felony vandalism of walls and carpet in the dorm, misdemeanor brandishing of a knife and misdemeanor battery for throwing a stool at a student.

Judge Stan Eller ordered Monroy to abstain from alcohol and enter an in-patient treatment program.

Meanwhile, in Inyo County, murder suspect Louis Leplat still has no new attorney. The court had released his public defender Elizabeth Corpora due to issues of conflict and her request for release.

The court said that Leplat will appear for appointment of new counsel December 7th.

John Thomas Christiana, the man accused of arson in the burning of the Bristlecone Visitors Center, appeared for a settlement conference Tuesday. The case was not resolved and was continued until Friday.

Three defendants in a Lone Pine case were scheduled for preliminary hearings today. In October, Inyo Sheriff’s deputies conducted a parole search on Jackson St. Officers said they found packages of marijuana, electronic digital weighing scales and a large amount of methamphetamine and cash.

Officers arrested Alexander Fernandez, Laura Fernandez and Cody Corlew face charges of possession and possession for sale of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana for sale and child endangerment.

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