Dancing with the Docs: Season 2

Watch Episodes of Season 2 Television Mini Series

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Watch Mammoth Hospital physicians and local celebrity partners as they prepare for Mammoth Hospital’s 2013 Dancing with the Docs gala fundraiser. Hosted by the Healthcare Trust of Mammoth Lakes this gala dinner, silent auction and dancing competition, on Saturday, September 21st, will raise awareness and money for Mammoth Hospital initiatives.

Every Friday from July 26th to September 20th at 5:30pm watch the progress of the dancing teams on Sierra Wave Television and get to know the Docs and Celebs like you’ve never known them before.

Then on Saturday, September 21st the Dancing with the Docs competition will be filmed and the final television episode of the mini-series will be broadcast on Friday, September 27th at 5:30pm.

Repeats will be aired every evening at 5:30pm with a new episode airing each Friday. Each new episode will also be available to view right here on Sierra Wave Online on the Dancing with the Docs page.


fru-bahiraeiDr. Fru Bahiraei / Jennifer Collins; choreographer – Sabrina Nioche






jennie-walkerDr. Jennie Walker / Matty Whitmore; choreographer – Leann Alduenda






kim-escuderoDr. Kim Escudero / Gabe Taylor; choreographer – Karrie McFadden






martha-kimDr. Martha Kim / Jason Crockett; choreographer – Pamela Stayden






karly-dawsonKarly Dawson, PA / Chris Benchetler; choreographer – Sarah Lawrence






jason_bishopDr. Jason Bishop / Alison Page (dancer and choreographer)