Democratic Rally in Republican Country

A cold, blustery Saturday greeted supporters of Presidential candidate Barak Obama. Most had expected a cold reception for the Democratic candidate in the heart of Republican country in Inyo County, but some obviously diehard supporters pulled out their winter coats and hats and braved the chilly campaign trail.

Locals with signs on Main St. next to Bishop City Park drew a warm response from several motorists who honked their support.

The Idle Hands Bluegrass band played in the bandstand as supporters more or less huddled together to stay warm in the rising winds.

With the next Presidential debate scheduled for Wednesday, locals interested in the race have become more public about who they support. Many signs from both parties decorate the laws of homes and bumpers of cars.

Some local people had planned to speak. Bishop City Councilman Jeff Griffiths had wanted to show support for a local election issue – Measure A, the elementary school bond measure.

But most of the attention focused on the national level as supporters stayed on the sidewalk next to Main St. throughout Saturday.

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