Dennis Mattinson’s Weather Forecast

FORECAST: Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes / Mono County 
FROM: Dennis “Matt” Mattinson, Weather and Atmospheric Forecaster
FOR:  Sierra Wave Media: Eastern Sierra News
 / TV- 3 /


MON JUL 27 2015

Troughing off the West Coast will continue to keep a dry SW (onshore) flow going. So mainly clear skies and temps at normal for the end of July. That trough will move out of the area later today and this allows high pressure to build towards the Four Corners Region. This will also produce a strong warming trend thru mid week. About Wednesday, the ridge then centers over Four Corners, bringing on a south to southeast flow, for the possibility of monsoonal moisture to work its way into our forecast area byThursday or Friday. Given timing and strength issues, we will have to wait and see how all this pans out. Please continue to monitor this forecast for updates.

Some of you may be effected by the Lowell Wildfires, as far as smoke goes. For the moment, wind directions are such that most of that smoke will remain east of our forecast area. Still some widespread haze may develop today.


Today: Sunny. Highs 92 / Lows 55. Winds NW 5 -10 mph.
Tuesday: Sunny.  Highs 94 / Lows 56. Winds E 5 – 10  mph.


Today: Sunny.  Highs 72 / Lows 41. Winds SW 5 mph.
Tuesday: Sunny.  Highs 74 / Lows 46. Winds NE 5 – 10 mph.


Today: Sunny.   Highs 73 – 83 / Lows 34 – 44. Winds NW 10 mph.
Tuesday: Sunny. Highs 75 – 85 / Lows 36 – 46. Winds N 10 mph.


20% – Unlikely
30 – 60% – Chance
60 – 80% – Likely
80 – 95% – Very Likely
95 – 100% – Virtually Certain

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