Dennis Mattinson’s Weather Forecast

FORECAST: The Owens Valley, Mammoth and Mono County**

**By: Dennis Mattinson, Weather & Atmospheric Forecaster

** *

* **MONDAY July 09, 2012*

Hotter days are here to come, as the monster ridge thats been causing the

blistering heat in the East, migrates westward and sets up camp over the

Great Basin. It now looks like Tuesday and Wednesday will be the hottest,

where 100+ in the Owens Valley and the mid 90s in parts of Mono County are

possible. As far as thunderstorms go, Tuesday looks to have a slight chance

of isolated t-storms (with dry lightening is possible), then deeper

moisture flows in mid week. Temps could trim back a bit on any day due to

cloud cover, but the best chance is Thursday and Friday as alto-cumulus and

humidity will be on the increase.

* *


* *Today: Sunny. Highs 99 and lows 57. Winds SE 10 – 15 mph.

Tuesday: Sunny. Highs 100 and lows 61. Winds SE 10 – 15 mph.* *


Today: Sunny then partly cloudy. Highs 81 and lows 53. Winds SW 5 – 10 mph.

Tuesday: Sunny then a 20% chance of t-storms after 1 pm. Highs 82 and lows

55. Winds SE 10 -15 mph.

* *


Today: Sunny becoming partly cloudy. Highs 85 – 95 and lows 45 – 55. Winds

SW 10 – 15 mph.

Tuesday: Becoming partly cloudy with a 20% chance of afternoon t-storms.

Highs 86 – 96 and lows 46 – 56. Winds SE 10 – 15 mph.

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