Dog Attacked By Bear in Mammoth

As Mammoth Town officials and the fledgling wildlife management group Bear With Us work out the details on how the new program will work, Mono County Supervisor Byng Hunt reports a scary, but rare bear attack on his dog.

When we spoke to Hunt by phone, he told us that Monday night a bear got into his garage in Old Mammoth where his dog was attacked and bitten. Hunt says that he had left his garage door cracked open to allow access for his dog, but the bear got in instead. Hunt speculates that when with the bear in the garage with the door just open a crack, the bear may have felt cornered by his dog.

Usually the dog chases them away, he says, calling the incident pretty scary. Having left the door open for his dog, Hunt says he feels a bit guilty for contributing to this incident.

Im a bear person, he says, but with a dog attacked and bitten by a bear Hunts says that this is a public safety issue that demonstrates a need for focused bear management.


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