Earthquake Swarm In Southern Inyo Continues

Scientists are calling the recent run of earthquakes in Southern Inyo County a swarm.

There have been 17 over a magnitude 3.0 since the swarm started on the 25 of November, according to Dr. Kate Hutton with the US Geological Survey.

All centered near the Panamint Valley in Southern Inyo County, there have been four quakes over a 4.0 included in this recent round of earth shaking. Dr. Hutton explained that quakes are coming from an unnamed fault, and are nothing out of the ordinary.

Like the swarm of earthquakes in Reno last year, Dr. Hutton explained that its possible one quake triggers another, until there is a sort of cascade. How long these moderate quakes will continue is not known, but Dr. Hutton says that the swarm already appears to be slowing down.


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