Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care Works to Save Young Raccoon


Cindy Kamler feeds the weak animal with a tube.

A 7-month old raccoon, apparently in search of something, fell down into a deep transfer station dumpster in Paradise and was only discovered about a week later by a worker who retrieved the barely conscious creature. He called Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care.

Cindy Kamler, who heads up the center, told the story of the raccoon to Alexander Skandar Reid of Bishop who videotaped Cindy and the raccoon. Cindy said that the little raccoon was in a coma by the time it reached the wildlife care center.

Kamler said the raccoon was “seriously dehydrated and in a coma. It took us four full days to get her hydration level up.” Volunteers started to feed the animal with a tube, and she very gradually started to improve, turn over and even stand up.

Cindy called this raccoon case a challenge and unusual to be able to save such a dehydrated, unconscious animal. This is what Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care does. Check them out at www.eswildlifecare.org.

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