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Before midnight, the election departments of Inyo and Mono counties tallied final votes on local candidates. Many focused earlier in the evening on the very close Presidential race and President Obama’s early victory.

In Inyo County, the 4th District Supervisor race stood 4 votes apart in the semi official report last night with provisional ballots yet to count. Mark Tillemans gained 644 votes to Supervisor Marty Fortney’s 640 votes. The 5th District Supervisor race was not so close. Matt Kingsley won with 527 votes to Jim Gentry’s 421 votes.

In the Bishop City Council race, the three top vote-getters and winners are Dave Stottlemyre with 608 votes, Pat Gardner with 559 votes and Laura Smith with 513 votes. Susan Cullen gained 359 votes and Keith Glidewell, 353.

In the Big Pine School Board race, the three winners are Sandra Lund with 442 votes; Denelle Carrington, 420 votes; Carla Bacoch, 387 votes. Robert Vance gained 300 votes. In the Owens Valley School Board race, the incumbents won. Sandra Anderson with 189 votes and Aldene Felton, 132. April Zrelak had 104 votes. The voter turn-out in Inyo was 66.36%. See more results at http://www.inyocounty.us/Recorder/3rd_11-6-12_Summary_Report.pdf

In Mono County, the Elections Department reported a very high 83.05% voter turn-out. The Mono County website shows the semi official summary report. There are still some provisional votes to count which could affect close races.

In the District 4 Supervisor race, candidate Tim Fesko won with 561 votes. Challenger Bob Peters gained 484 votes. In the Mammoth School Board race, Shana Stapp won the most votes with 1,588. John Stavlo gained 1,386 votes. Stapp and Stavlo won the two open seats. Candidate Luis Villanueva had 826 votes.

In the Eastern Sierra Unified School District, in Area #2, John Peters won with 786 votes to Pamela Haas Duhart’s 781 votes. In Area #3, James “Jimmy” Little won with 962 votes to challenger Arya Degenhaudt’s 621 votes.

The Mammoth Hospital Board seats did not go to a race. Just enough candidates filed for seats available. The hospital board could appoint the three candidates to fill the vacancies at the end of November. The three who filed are Dr. Maria King, Dr. Stephen Swisher and Helen Shepherd.

See all Mono results at http://www.monocounty.ca.gov/. Under News and Announcements, click on election results.

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  1. Trouble November 8, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    I think Big Al and Benett both touch on a important topic, especially here in California. If it is true that California democrats have a super majority now, our state will be the focus of which party’s beliefs our correct. There will be no stone walling or stone walling excuses this time. I am really interested to see how this works out.

    • quietstorm November 9, 2012 at 10:15 am #

      I think it was Romney that said….look at the “state” the state of California if you want to see what the future of the entire US will look like under complete Democratic rule….I thought that was a great observation.

      • quietstorm November 9, 2012 at 10:17 am #

        meant to say: “look at the ‘state’ of the state of California”

      • Trouble November 9, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

        quietstorm- I would love to have a politician come around that says what he would really do , instead of playing with peoples fears about the other party.

  2. Philip Anaya November 8, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    If there is heaven on earth it’s gotta be the Inyo. It’s so apparent every time I walk out my door and see the sky ,the mountains and then I might drive somewhere and get to wave back to folks, some I don’t even know. Contrast that to being down in West LA, still grinding floors and getting cut off on the 405 parking lot, morning noon and night .
    My retirement plan did not know about what was to come back in 2008. I’ve gotten past blaming Bush and Cheney, althought I will always think it woud have been a good idea to impeach Cheney first. Anyway I’ve been able to keep working and I’m doing just fine.
    I am thankful for the reelection of our president. The “double talk” ( thank you W. Deja) of Mittens was an insult to truth and to my intelligence. The confusing statements and pronoucements of the Rommney campaign were half truths and made little sense to me. Today I listened, while working, to Rush Limbaugh and was again insulted by his spin that I voted for Santa Claus and that’s the reason Rommey lost the election. The fact that he bailed out on his own values, the teachings of his family and faith ,that he as a perfect management consultant, that he was able to almost sell us any product, mostly snake oil , this is the reason that the youth and the Hispanic and thank God for our Women, saved our behinds again and clearly saw the snake oil and did not support Rommney’s dumbing down message.
    So now where do we go from here . How about everyone of us continue to do what I ‘ve seen in the Inyo, God’s country.( How about that DWP) How about people helping people , people without making any distinction being thankful and helpful in their livesof that of their friends and neighbors and their families. People finding ways to be the best human beings that they can be. That’s my row to hoe.

  3. Big AL November 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    you know obama inherited, that is just the response i expect … some people just don’t like a black president.

    Why is it, people can talk about thing such as this, one side praises the president. The other side voices they concern or their feelings about the president and what he is doing. Then someone has to throw the race card out!

    If the man was anything but black, if he was fat and dumpy .. I wouldn’t care, what I care about is what he isn’t doing right, or conducting. So please save the disparaging remarks about race.

    And by the way, he did have something to do with the mess .. in his tenure in the senate prior to his election to President. So far he hasn’t cleaned anything up, as far as I can see .. he has kept the mess messy. There hasn’t been on glimmer of the hope he promised or the change he promised.

    And save your comments to me or about mine if you want to include the race card, because you are only showing your own racism as far as I am concerned.

    • Benett Kessler November 8, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

      Did you see the 60 Minutes interview of Obama some weeks ago? Steve Croft asked him about his biggest disappointment. The President responded that it was the fact that in Washington, “Politics trumps problem solving.” There’s the problem. Everyone there on both sides of the aisle has to remember that they are there for us. Not happening much right now. Maybe the President, as some news writers have suggested, will start using executive orders to get things done since Congress has not worked with him and has basically blocked important legislation for the public.

      • quietstorm November 9, 2012 at 10:07 am #

        Using executive orders to get things done is NOT how our government was designed to work.

        There is a reason for Congress…it’s so that the executive branch of the government does not over use it’s power to over ride the will of the people. Some thing must stand in the way of ONE person having too much power!

        Our government is a system of checks and balances.

        Obama cannot change how our government works (although it’s clear that he very badly wants to and “some news writers” now want that too), He cannot just decide what he thinks is “best” and ram his agenda through. It may be like that in other countries, but not ours.

        I predict that Obama will spend the next four years gaining sympathy from the press that using “executive orders” is the only way to move the country “forward” and that the press will being writing extensively about how the poor president MUST use executive orders and how our government really MUST change to help this president succeed. As you have mentioned, that is happening already – and the media just falls lock-step behind what ever rolls off the president’s tongue!

        And just so that everyone knows that I am not racist, (which everyone who opposes Obama is called – which is ridiculous), I oppose ANY president from using “executive orders” to get around Congress and implement his/her agenda. Yes, I am against what past presidents did with executive orders too!

        The job of a good leader is to find common ground, and get people (ie., Congress) to work together. The current president simply does not have the skill or desire to do this – (as the last four years have clearly demonstrated) – and as is now seen in his side-way pleas to use executive orders and change how our government works.

        Most importantly, we all must understand that those in Congress, the House were placed their by the people – they are in their role to do the bidding of those who elected them. So, it make sense that there will be disagreements and road blocks along the way as opposing ideas meet head to head. And again, an effective president, will work WITH both sides to find common ground. The current president doesn’t think that is his job, he thinks that everyone must go along with his ideas….again that is NOT how our government works.

        The President did not win the votes of ALL the people of the US – just a little over half of the voters wanted him in power – so his “executive orders” would not represent the will of ALL the people, and ALL the people do not see his ideas as being good for ALL the people.

        I am thankful that our elected senators, etc fight to represent all the people.

        And I am thankful that we do not live under a dictator (yet!).

        • Benett Kessler November 9, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

          Yes, our democracy is about checks and balances. It is also about willingness to serve the public and get things done to benefit the public. Perhaps you did not see and hear Senator Mitch McConnell who declared several years ago that it was the Republicans’ mission to make sure the President was not re-elected. If you followed the news, you will recall that Republicans said no to just about everything the President tried to move forward. Obama did work on compromise and cooperation, also documented in the news. I am a registered Independent so I don’t care what party does what – except to say they all need to serve our needs – all of our needs and none of them should become the Party of No.
          Benett Kessler

          • Mark November 9, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

            nice dream Benett, there hasn’t been any checks or balances in years.

            Obama will ruin this country and time is on my side to proove it. Thank God we have the House to tell him no as much as they can.

          • Benett Kessler November 9, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

            I have no idea what you are talking about. The only thing I see ruining our country is the system of big corporations giving politicians money to vote the way they want and elected officials with no character going along with it.

        • Mark November 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

          When democracy fails, a dictator rises to power

    • Big Al and racial tensions November 8, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

      Big Al must have forgotten that it hasn’t been all that long ago that brother was killing brother in the Civil War.
      You remember the Civil War. It was where some people think black people should be the slaves of whites.
      “The South shall rise again!” is a call we are hearing more and more of today. There are still ghettos. Unemployment of blacks is historic. Even James Baldwin (a black historian and writer) said, “The worst thing that could ever happen to a man is to have been born black.” Sorry, Big Al, but racial hatred exists in this country whether you want to hear about it or not.

  4. Ken Warner November 7, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    People say Obama is spending too much money. He’s not spending it. He’s paying for what Bush and Co. bought. Saying Obama is spending too much money is a fine example of “Romneysia”

    • Trouble November 7, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

      We could send every high school student in the nation to college for the price of those two bull…. wars.

    • Obama inherited a mess November 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

      In total agreement with you, Ken. President Obama inherited trumped-up wars created by Cheney and Co. (former CEOs of defense contractors – Lockheed Martin and Halliburton) against a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with the 9/11 tragedy. Here’s how it works: Declare war, send in troops, and those who oppose it (as in Vietnam) are labled Dirty Liberals and Bad Americans. Obama had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this mess and was/is left with the dirty job of cleaning up that mess. Results – Bin Ladin is dead, and our troops are coming home from Iraq.
      Trouble is the nation has now gone bankrupt trying to pay for the wars and some people just don’t like the idea of a black president.

      • Wayne Deja November 8, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

        Obama inherited a mess…..RIGHT ON with that post…I don’t think this Country will ever totally recover from the Bush years…and certainally not in my life-time.But there will be progress in about 2 1/2 years…IMO…As far as your last sentence,here in Lone Pine,where there were very few Obama voters,everytime the subject of the election came up,the person I was talking with,ranging in age from 29 to 70,only two of them didn’t bring up the “N” word when describing President Obama,and usually going into some long,vulgar tirade about other racial issues that might get him elected,the Hispanic vote,the gay vote,the birther thing,Obama being a Muslim,etc.Like I said before in an earlier post,the election turned out just the way they wanted it,especially for the racists..giving them another 4 years to all sit around at a picnic table at 5 A.M. and COMPLAIN about how President Obama has ruined,and is ruining this Country…and how stupid people are that voted for him,and for not seeing things “their way”….knowing all along what a terrible President Romney would have been.

        • john Delgado November 9, 2012 at 11:39 am #

          Colorado & Washington state shall see total Recovery & Booming times because They decided to take tha lead in being masters of their own Destinies and doing what’s right for the People of their respective State Republics and forgo behaving like Sheeeple 🙂

  5. Well-run elections November 7, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    And speaking of elections … unlike the myriad of awful problems with voting across the country, I am continually amazed at how well run the elections have been in Mammoth Lakes and other places in the County.
    From the attentive poll-workers to the easy-to-vote machines, voting in Mammoth has never been easier and rewarding. A totally professional operation all the way. And the snacks offered after you vote ain’t too bad either.

  6. America going broke November 7, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    America started going broke paying for two unwinnable, pointless wars that only made Dick and Lynne Cheney (former CEOs of defense contractors Halliburton and Lockheed Martin) even more filthy rich. Then American companies found out they can make products cheaper overseas.

    • upthecreek November 7, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

      Correction… “America is broke” to the tune of 18 TRILLION Dollars.

      • Big AL November 8, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

        America is not broke .. in hock, yes, to the likes of China. Just wait after four more years, they will out right own the whole nation, better learn to speak Chinese … and learn to love communism. We have the where with all to turn this around, but it takes effort by everyone involved, the only thing is .. there is too much self and greed going on. Not very many get into politics now days to serve … they only do it to get rich .. from all of the big business lining their pockets. Those who are there to serve, just can’t make a difference alone.

        • Ken Warner November 8, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

          It may surprise many of you, but Japan has bought almost as much debt as China. That’s what it means when people say, “…borrow from China, etc….” That really means that they have bought long term Treasury bonds. Anybody could buy them.

          Here’s the top ten buyers of T-bills:


          Which Foreign governments own the most U.S. debt?

          Answer: Here is the Top 10 (as of Aug/2012)

          1. China, Mainland, $1153.6 billion dollars
          2. Japan, $1121.5 billion dollars
          3. Oil Exporters*, $263.0 billion dollars
          4. Carib Bnkng Ctrs**, $256.9 billion dollars
          5. Brazil, $253.9 billion dollars
          6. All Other, $226.8 billion dollars
          7. Switzerland, $202.2 billion dollars
          8. Taiwan, $198.0 billion dollars
          9. United Kingdom, $153.6 billion dollars
          10. Russia, $153.3 billion dollars

          *Includes oil exporting countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran

          **includes countries such as Bermuda and the Cayman Islands

          Of the $5.1 trillion dollars of US debt that is owned by foreign governments, China and Japan own nearly half, as evidenced by this chart:

  7. upthecreek November 7, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

    “I think we just witnessed the death of the worlds most powerful economy and country..”


    • Well alrighty then November 7, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

      Sorry up the creek, but it was already dieing

    • john Delgado November 9, 2012 at 11:46 am #

      Yep, tha I.M.F. already decided to Pull – tha – Plug on america in 2016, They said it’s gonna happen couple years ago, nobody paid attention bcuz everybody was watching “american Idol, dancing with the stars, & Dog the Bounty Hunter eheheheh LoL


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