Electric Car Cruises the Streets of Bishop

Bishop residents may have seen a strange small car around town with the Virgils Automotive Paint sign on the side. The white, three wheeler looks like a cross between a small pick up and a golf cart as it drives around town making deliveries. Curiosity got the best of us and we had to ask owner Cori Stearns about the car.

It turns out that the electric powered car is called a Zebra and is imported from China by a company called Zap imports. The zebra gets 50 miles per charge, which Stearns says costs about $.90 to do.

She says that she bought this little car because she needed a truck for deliveries around town. Instead of another oil guzzler, Stearns says that decided to something "greener and a littler better for the environment."

Cori Stearns says that the Zebra is fun to get around town in and very easy to park. With the small three wheeler now prowling the street, people besides us here at Sierrawave have noticed the car as well.

Most of the comments she gets on the Zebra are positive she says. At 45 mph tops, Stearns reports that some times she is too slow for faster streets like West Line and parts of 395 in Bishop.

While not the fastest ship in the fleet nor the largest, Stearns likes driving the little delivery vehicle around. No gas needed, you just plug it in.

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