Embezzlement Arrest in Mammoth

Mammoth Police report the arrest of a woman who is alleged to have embezzled money from two Mammoth businesses.

Police say that Anika Victoria Altman was arrested today and booked on 16 counts of unauthorized access to computer data with the intent to commit theft of fraud, 18 counts of embezzlement, and two counts of commercial burglary.

Investigations began when a Mammoth Business reported a burglary and the theft of cash, according to Police. Police report that there were no signs of forced entry and the money was taken from a location likely known only to employees, including Altman.

In an investigation of Altman, Police say that found sufficient evidence to connect the suspect with the crime and also found financial records that indicated that Altman was likely processing unauthorized refunds and diverting the money into her bank account while working for another local business.

Bail is set at $50,000 and Police say that additional charges could be filed after more investigation.

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