Legal route to exit Sherwins

sherwinsAs Mammoth Lakes Trails Association says, the Sherwins in Mammoth Lakes is “one of the most accessible and diverse out-of-bounds ski areas in the country.”  Now, through work by MLTPA, the Town of Mammoth, Snowcreek Investment Company, and homeowners, a direct and legal route exists for skiers to go from the base of the Sherwins to the public access easement at Ranch Road.

About five years ago, a squabble between private property owners and skiers and boarders exiting the Sherwins nearly closed the most convenient route back to Town.  MLTPA announced this week that the route is secured once there is enough snow cover across Snowcreek Golf Course.  The exit route is marked with four red signs.

The route begins at the fence on the south side of the golf course and heads directly to Ranch Road.  Skiers are asked to walk around the west side of the gate, not through yards of nearby homes.  Skiers and boarders can then use the bus stop at Snowcreek Athletic Club.

Skiers and riders who exit the east parts of the Sherwins may prefer to get back to Town via Sherwin Creek Road.  Public parking is available at Mammoth Creek Park and the Tavern Road Park and Ride lot.  Check out for more info on avalanche hazard levels and other details.


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2 Responses to Legal route to exit Sherwins

  1. Bobbie Lee Swagger December 22, 2011 at 7:34 am #

    If any one using the route finds a Titlest Pro V1 #2 ball near the golf course, it’s mine.

  2. Ken Warner December 22, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    Five years to figure out a no-brainer. Access to the Sherwins and the meadows should be year round — for everybody — easily. ChadMar just plopped SnowCreek in the middle of the meadows like a barrier reef and stonewalls access requests in the name of “private property” without a word of protest from our esteemed city government.

    Can you say, “Lack of Foresight”?

    Yet look at all the discussion they give the “Monument Park” on 203 which is supposed to give somebody a warm, fuzzy when they see it.

    [shakes head]…..


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