Inyo Sheriff adds Explosive Detection Dog

Deputy Josh Nicholson and Capo.

Deputy Josh Nicholson and Capo.

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office is excited to introduce its newest member. Capo, short for Rockerin Capo Di Monte III, is a 5-year old black Labrador who has specialized military skills as an Explosive Detection Dog.  After extensive training at the United States Marine Corp sponsored K2 canine facility in Jackson Springs, NC, Capo was transferred to Fort Irwin, CA, and from there served two 7-month deployments to Afghanistan.

In October 2012 the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office received notification that the Marine Corp was downsizing its Explosive Detection Dog program, and active working canines were being placed with law enforcement (for a small notary fee of $5.00). In November 2012 the Sheriff’s Office selected Deputy Josh Nicholson to fly to Jackson Springs, NC and select a dog.  Capo was selected out of fifteen black Labrador Retrievers.

Deputy Nicholson and Capo are perfectly suited for each other – both have extensive histories in the Armed Services, as well as specialized training in explosives.  Nicholson’s former title was Combat Engineer; he has deployed two times during wartime in Iraq.  During his deployment Nicholson was responsible for detonating thousands of pounds of explosives.  “I enjoy detonating explosives and Capo enjoys finding them,” stated Nicholson.

Since Capo has joined the ranks of the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office and now works and lives with Deputy Nicholson they have been involved in several “found explosives” incidents throughout the county.

“I’m extremely happy to have the expertise of Deputy Nicholson and Capo, as we have had an increase of explosives related calls for service – they are a true asset to this department and the community,” stated Sheriff Bill Lutze.



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  1. Tom May 31, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    Thank you for your service Deputy Nicholson and Capo!

  2. salblaster May 31, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    two deployments to afghanistan. what a great dog.


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